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How to Use P2P4U Football with HDMI Input/Output

You want to watch P2P4U Football but you want to watch it on your television and you are wondering how.  Being able to watch football on your tv is ideal so that you can lay back on your sofa instead of having to sit behind a computer screen and watch football.  This article we will tell you how you can watch P2P4U Football on your tv set through using a HDMI connection.

First you need to check your computer and your television set to see if they have HDMI connections.  Your computer would need a HDMI connection out and your tv set would need a HDMI connection in.  If you have both of these then you are all set.  Just purchase a HDMI cable and connect the computer to the TV screen, toggle your TV input setting to the HDMI option, and now you can watch live football on your tv set through a HDMI connection.

If your computer or your television do not have a HDMI input/output then it becomes a little bit more complicated.  You will need to see if they sell an adapter for whichever does not have a natural HDMI input/output.  If you can purchase an adapter, and use that to connect the two (as we described above) then this should work well for you.  Again, remember to change the setting on your TV to HDMI instead of its normal Video1 or Cable setting.

If your computer and/or tv set do not have a HDMI connection and they also do not accept an adapter then it is probably not possible for you to watch live football from the computer on your TV set through a HDMI cable.  But there are other options for you, such as VGA cable, S-Video Cable, or RCA Cables (through adapters).  You will need to check the input/output components on your TV set and your computer to find one of these options that align in both places.  Then you need a cable to connect the two and then you are watch live football games streaming onto your computer.

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