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Ways to Watch Live NFL Football Online P2P4U Football

There are a few different methods for being able to watch live football games streaming online for free.  P2P4U Football will discuss some of the more popular ways and then in follow up articles we'll talk in detail about each method in case the setup or usage is tricky.

The first way to watch live nfl football online for free is to view games through live online streams.  There are quite a few different sites that P2P4U football would recommend, such as Justin.tv, UStream.tv, Freedocast.com, Veetle.com.  These are the four most popular online live streaming sites.  On these sites, people will stream nfl games lives from their home onto the sites.  You should not need to install any software or computer add-ons to be able to watch the streams.  P2P4U Football recognizes that many of the streams get taken down by the NFL.  If someone does not have rebroadcast permission of the NFL, the NFL can send these sites a DMCA notice along with the stream that is rebroadcasting and the site will be forced to shut down the stream.  Websites almost always comply with the DMCA notice because they can face legal issues if they don't.  So while viewing the live streams online is the easiest and quickest way to start watching live football games, it can also be very frustrating as the streams can get shut down in mid-stream.  I've seen one game get shut down with a DMCA notice two plays into the game.


The next method you can use to watch nfl games online is P2P applications.  P2P4U football has found the most popular applications are Streamtorrent and TVAnts.  The way these work is similar to the original concept of our good old friend Napster.  Someone downloads the P2P application and can stream the game.  People who have the P2P application installed can find the streamer's 'channel' and begin watching their stream.  There are no DMCA notices sent out (that P2P4U football is aware of) for this method because who would know where to send them or how to get in contact with the streamer.  So these streams rarely if ever get shutdown.  The downside of these streams is that both the streamer and the person watching the stream need very high speed internet connections.  If you have a high speed connection but the streamer does not then the game can significantly lag.  Also, depending on your computer, you may not be able to run other applications at the same time if you want the stream to work to the highest quality possible.

These are the two most popular ways that P2P4U Football has found for you to watch live nfl and college football games online free.  While they are not perfect, they are better then the alternative of being stuck without anything to watch at all.

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