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P2P4U Football P2P4u Football : Watch Live Football Online with P2P4U

P2P4U Football: Watch NFL Live Football Online

Week 1 of the NFL season is a big time for all NFL fans to come out and look for P2P4U football sites to watch NFL Live football online.  There are many peer to peer applications out there to help you watch football.  P2P4U Football would recommend some of the following P2P applications; StreamTorrent, TVU Player, SopCast, TVAnts.  With these four P2P players, P2P4U Football believes you should be able to watch over 80% of the NFL Football games live through the internet.  In the past few years, TVAnts and SopCast were the big two P2P for football players around.  In the past year we have seen Streamtorrent overtake them as the most popular P2P4 football player.  TVU Player is very consistent and has remained so over the past few years from what we see.  Why the shift to Streamtorrent?  Well, TVAnts has some connection speed issues (our personal observations) and also a lot of information is written in Chinese which probably deters some people from using it.  P2P4U Football was a big fan of SopCast in prior years, but we have seen a movement by streamers away from SopCast and onto StreamTorrent.  We think this shift is due to a few reasons, such as ease of use, application speed, and reliability.  StreamTorrent has put out what we believe is the best P2P4 football application player to help you watch live NFL football online and the streamers recognize this and are flocking to it.

If you do not want to use P2P4U football applications and would rather watch live NFL games online through a site that offers insite streaming feeds then you might want to check out this blog post about how to watch live NFL football games online.  This post talks about some of the insite websites which help you watch football games online.  It mentions sites such as HowToWatchFootball.com and Channelsurfing as two options.  P2P4U Football is familiar with both of these sites and here is our comments on them.  HowToWatchFootball.com is a forum based site about how to watch live NFL football online.  The site has over 30,000 registered members (it is free to create an account) and the main attraction of this site is that it is forum based and this way people can share information on how they watch live football online.  Channelsurfing is a one page site that gets updated daily and provides links to streaming games and events.  This is nice because it is consolidated but the downside is that if they offer only one per game, and that stream gets taken down then you are not able to watch that football game online.  The forum based approach is preferred because if a stream goes down the members of the forum can work together to find a new live stream and share the links with each other.  Both options are good and will help you come Sundays.

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